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Ankur Mehrotra


E-mail : ankur@meteonic.com

Ankur’s life is emblematic of children whose parents are bank employees in India and thus cannot escape hopping between towns and villages. This not only leaves them unsettled physically, but can be mentally very exhausting as well. But Ankur took all these experiences in his stride and did not let them deter his ambition of doing big someday. He excelled in academics as well as in extracurricular activities right from childhood and breezed through M.Tech from IIT Delhi. Being adventurous and ambitious, he loved challenges and always emerged a winner in tough situations that were thrown at him
Ankur was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug very early in life when he set foot in the corporate world soon after studies. He climbed the corporate ladder through quick promotions and filling patents in mobile technologies. However, when office politics became stifling and made growth opportunities dwindle, he realized that the time was perfect to make his debut as an entrepreneur. That is when he decided to quit the corporate world and do his part for the society that would not just be satisfying but help him reach the goal that so far seemed elusive.


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