Ankur Mehrotra


Ankur’s life is emblematic of children whose parents are bank employees in India and thus cannot escape hopping between towns and villages. This not only leaves them unsettled physically, but can be mentally very exhausting as well. But Ankur took all these experiences in his stride and did not let them deter his ambition of doing big someday. He excelled in academics as well as in extracurricular activities right from childhood and breezed through M.Tech from IIT Delhi. Being adventurous and ambitious, he loved challenges and always emerged a winner in tough situations that were thrown at him

Ankur was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug very early in life when he set foot in the corporate world soon after studies. He climbed the corporate ladder through quick promotions and filling patents in mobile technologies. However, when office politics became stifling and made growth opportunities dwindle, he realized that the time was perfect to make his debut as an entrepreneur.

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mission / vision


Start with small group of highly motivated individuals who are ready to make change in their lives as well as other who come in contact with. Each one of this individual again creates own tribe to generate ripple affect which can eventually touch millions of lives to raise their consciousness and shift all of them to live extra ordinary life style.


To elevate conscious of individuals and overall society. To guide Everyone to start living Happy and Prosperous life. Elevate 1 million individual lives by 2020 by great system and scientific methods which can generate transforming results.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur

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DG Raghavendra,
Managing Director, Scope Amra Logistics

I have known Ankur for years and can confidently mention as very hardworking person with lot of humility . He always wants to excel in his work , creates opportunities from challenging situation His new venture of coaching only adds his desire to give back to society!
Good luck Ankur

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Ranganath Kuntunalla,
MD Raaga Constructions

Ankur is an ever enthusiastic and optimistic person. The saying "Sound body in a sound mind" absolutely describes what Mr Ankur is. An entrepreneur who has strived hard to be where he deservedly is today.

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Varun Girilal,
Finance Planning expert, Mitraz Financial service.

Ankur is that rare leader and mentor who can help people discover their true potential through practical and unique inputs and counsel. He practices what he preaches and is a wonderful and generous human being always looking to help and contribute. –

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Annie Kumar
Managing Director – Nafex.com

“What you do speaks so loudly above your head, I cannot hear the words you speak... is what Ankur is all about. His ability to make positive things happen, unpretentious attitude and most importantly his genuine interest to bring out the best in everyone around him.”